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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s been a while since i replaced my roof. What signs should i look for?

There are several key signs that indicate a roof replacement is in order: buckling and curling shingles, cracked shingles, algae growth, missing shingles, attic mold, discolored ceiling or walls, and more. If you notice any of these signs on your roof, giving Castle Roofing a call for a free estimate.

My Roof Leaks, do I Need To Have It Replaced?

A leaking roof is a serious issue, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to replace your roof. Talking to a professional roofing contractor like us is the best way to know whether minor repairs are needed or if a full roof replacement is in order.

Replacing a roof is a major investment. How can I be sure my investment is in good hands?

Castle Roofing offers a minimum 5-year workmanship warranty on every project – because we care about our work and your investment. 

I’m moving. Will Castle Roofing help me work with insurance providers, adjuster, and realtors?

We understand that it’s important to maintain a solid avenue for every situation that may arise. Because of this, we work closely with your insurance provider, adjuster, or realtor to make sure that your project runs as smoothly as possible!

I’m not sure what I can afford. Can you work with my budget ?

Budgets are important to every home, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to working with each client in order to remain within that budget. Our prices are always fair, always affordable, and always budget-friendly!

Should I do anything before you start?

Roof replacements and repairs can be loud and messy. There isn’t anything you have to do before we start work, but you might consider going somewhere for three to four hours once the work begins. Keep your pets in mind too as the noise can stress your pets. We do all we can to be respectful, quick, clean, and efficient. 

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